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The First Family

August 24th, 2018 | Comments Off on The First Family

Who is The First Family in your world?

Since the birth of the nation, the President of the United States has been male, and for much of the history of the U.S.A., the wife of the President has been referred to as the First Lady.  By extension, and particularly when there are children living in the White House, often references made to the President, his wife, and his children are made using the terms the First Family.  Is that the image that came to your mind when you read the title “The First Family?”

If you answered, “Yes,” here is another question for you:  since 1776, how many U.S. Presidents lived with their wife and child(ren) in the White House?  It would be great to read your comments below!  Please post your responses for a chance to win a FREE 30-minute SalesMoneyFun consultation.

Now, if you are not particularly interested in American Politics, then this may not be information that is logged into your brain, so let’s revisit the original question: Who is The First Family in your world?

Another response could be:  “MY Family is the first family in my world, of course!”  This is definitely a beautiful response, but what makes this an “of course” answer?

How do you know that you put your family first?

“I make a great living.”  “I put my career on hold.”  “I give them the best of everything.”  “I listen to them.”

There are countless indicators.  What lets you know that on a regular basis you put your family first?  The phrase that flashes through your mind as a response might be one of the above or an answer that is entirely unique to you and your situation.  Please let me know, so we can continue the dialogue here about the importance of our family in our lives.  Please post your responses for a chance to win a FREE 30-minute SalesMoneyFun consultation.

Consider this, for example.  There are people in this world who will stop what they are doing in order to focus their attention on their loved ones!  Actually, cease their individual activity to attend to the needs of another member of their family!  I have witnessed it first hand.  Many times, I have actually been the person to whom this fresh attention is directed.  On one hand, it is jaw-dropping to see the level of human productivity drop from 10 to 0 in a matter of a few words.  On another, it is completely heart-warming and endearing to figuratively see these “salmon” swimming upstream against the current.

Do you know these extraordinary people?  Are you one of these people?  The exclamatory nature of the statements in the previous paragraphs has everything to do with the task-oriented nature of our world today.  With emails to read and texts to send and apps to follow and videos to watch…and…and…and…we are constantly bombarded with magnets for our attention to do more and more. We are surrounded by a world filled with the next best activity, the super-duper productivity quadrupler, or the big fat hoop-leaping loopty-looper! Everything your task-orientated heart desires is right at your fingertips.

We are actually living in a time when the push-pull of tasks versus people has never been greater.  The modern world cannot agree on the winner in the time priority race of people versus task (i.e., being versus doing).  There are national leaders in politics and industry throughout the world who are vocally driven to accomplish great tasks sometimes to the determent of humankind.  In order for the world to maintain balance, there are also political and industrial leaders who fight for the people and focus on individual needs of love and connection.

Families all over the globe mirror these task-people characteristics.  I once complimented a mate of mine, because he was being so patient and people-orientated while teaching his daughter to play a board game.  He grinned and corrected me by saying that he was actually quite task-orientated.  Knowing this, he needed to shift his thinking to make teaching his daughter his task, and being patient was a necessary step in the process.  Mind blown!

So, when we encounter people in our family who are willing and naturally geared towards either tasking their way to the betterment of their family (e.g., earning a great wage) or peopling their way (e.g. loving and listening), we are in the presence of family-oriented greatness!  In these moments, we have witnessed and ideally experienced key indicators of family being put first.  Blessed be!

Please share your comments below.  Are you task-oriented or people-oriented?  Do you feel supported by your family to operate in your natural manner of supporting your family? 

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