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September 25th, 2018 | Comments Off on TAT2?

I drafted Today’s Tell-All Tuesday blog post in a word document, which, as a good and experienced user of MS Word, required me to save each draft with a file name.  So, since this is the 2nd Tell-All Tuesday post, the file name is TAT2.  (You are certainly welcome at this point to post your comments below congratulating me on how outside-of-the-box creative I am to come up with such fascinating file names! 😉 )   In doing this, it occurred to me that I could do a double reveal today…do you see how TAT2 (representing Tell-All Tuesday #2) reads like tattoo?  So, here goes…wait…before I say anything…how about you?

Do you have any tattoos? Actually, now that I think about it, having tats is not considered such a crazy notion anymore, so I will ask the question differently.  Do you have any tattoos that most people who know you have not seen?  A simple Yes or No in the comments will be great!  Unless of course, you want today to be your Big Reveal Day, too!  In which case, spill the beans and share away!

It is always interesting to see who is surprised by the way I answer the question, do I have any tattoos?  Truthfully, which is the only way I know how to operate, I do not have any tattoos.  So, there you have it!  How do you feel about that answer?  Are you surprised?  Some responses that I have gotten in the past included, “Really?! After all those travels, you never got a tattoo from some exotic land?”  Nope…well…unless want to include henna tattoos from a glorious Indian Wedding in 2006, but those have long since faded away.

Is that an acceptable way to end this post on Tell-All Tuesday?  Nah!  That would only be a good finish for Tell-Nothing Tuesday, which isn’t even a thing!  Hmmm…what can I tell you?  What can be my Big Reveal today?  Oh!  Okay, I got it!

There once was a lucky lady who had a baby & after that baby, she had a great time losing her extra pregnancy weight.  6 – 9 months later, she fit right back in her pre-baby clothes!  She was happy as.  Then, she was blessed with another pregnancy—during which she gained a heaping helping of weight!  Can we say, “Hello, size 20!”?  Yikes what an ordeal!  Nevertheless, the baby was born and happiness ensued.  Until, that is, 6 months, 9 months passed, and this gathering of pregnancy weight was quite comfortable in its home arena, so it was not going anywhere.

One year after the birth of her 2nd child, great blessings came to this lady again in the form of Manuela Rocker who had been posting on Social Media about all the great results she had been experiencing through her nutritional cleansing program.  Manuela had kicked the last pesky kilos of fat that she never seemed to be able to lose through just exercise alone.  She had heaps more energy.  Her hair, skin, & nails were healthier than ever before!  The list went on and on.  So, having interest piqued, the lady (let’s call her Juli, for the sake of the story) sent Manuela a message.

One phone call later, the order was complete, and Juli’s life had changed for the better.  She felt great about her decision, and was moving forward with her life!  (Spoiler Alert: I am that lady Juli, and at the end of the call with Manuela, I didn’t have a clue about how amazing my future was going to be!)  I had taken a leap of faith to try a line of health and wellness products that I had never heard of before (Isa-wha?), and within a week, my big brown box arrived at my doorstep!

Open, Sesame!  And there I went!  I was on fire!  There was a schedule to follow – can we say “Keep it Simple, Sweetie?”  Oh yes!  I followed the steps, the schedule, and the system!  Hoorah!  I was in Heaven!  The shakes were delicious and filling!  The snack recipes were inventive and filling!  The whole foods were varied and filling!  I never believed I could survive a cleanse day.  I never believed that a 500 calorie meal would be enough food on shake days.

The kilos/pounds were melting off me!  In my super supportive social media Isa group, I posted often & most of the sentiments were along the lines of, “No way!  How am I not hungry?!”  “Okay, now this is just getting ridiculous!  I went swimming and my bather bottoms fell off me when I pushed off the wall.”  “I don’t have enough belts to keep my jeans up!  I never believed my clothes would fall off me.  I never believed it…until I lived it.  Now I believe!

If you want more energy to bounce around and make your clothes to fall off you, visit the contact page, and send me a direct private message, and I will reach out to you within 24 hours!


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