Referral Program

“Do you find it difficult to say, “No.”?  This simple 2-letter word grows more and more painful to say to people when every day we are trying to be all things to all people.

  • I want to help, but I do not have the time.  (I can blame the clock.)”
  • I want to work with you, but I do not have the money.  (I can blame the finances.)”

“No” is the most basic form of negative feedback that we can provide to anyone, and we still don’t like it!

As a pain-free alternative to the dreaded “N-O”, consider using this glorious phrase:
“Since I cannot utilise your talents, but I want to help improve lives, I will recommend my friend/my colleague/my family member to work with you.” 

Surprises just for Y-O-U
Even though at that moment, you will not benefit from working with Sales Money Fun directly, in order to support you in practicing your pain-free alternative to the dreaded “N-O,” every time you refer a friend / colleague / family member to Sales Money Fun, you will receive a surprise.  So, be sure to let us know that you have referred some one & make sure that your friends / colleagues / family members tell us that you sent them.

Bonus Benefits
Then!  Every time one of your referrals becomes a Sales Money Fun client, 10% of the value of their 1st purchase will be paid directly to your charity of choice from SalesMoneyFun’s 2018 Charity Partners.

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