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“Happiness consists in giving and in serving others.”
Henry Drummond

What’s the most amount of money you have ever lost? How did you lose it? How awful did you feel? This would have been a very tangible experience – perhaps you left your wallet or purse somewhere, maybe you were pick-pocketed, or maybe you paid with a $50, but got change back for a $5 and no one noticed it until it was too late!

How would you feel if, in fact, you suddenly discovered that you were losing money every day without having the first clue? In this age of direct debits and auto-payment options, people all over the world are losing money repeatedly, because they literally “set it (a payment) and forget it.”

If you have never taken the chance to explore your current financial condition, because you were too scared to face reality, you had enough money so it didn’t matter anyways, or any other number of excuses, but now you could really use some extra cash and think that it would be great to discover that you have it already, then you are in luck!

Whether you are single, married, just starting a family, or a new mother dreading the end of your maternity leave, you owe it to yourself or those around you to build a strong financial foundation in your present circumstances. Does this sound familiar?

If you are keen to take your first steps towards monetary clarity for yourself or your family by collaborating with a compassionate personal finance expert who specializes in holding the hands of people brave enough to embark upon their first ever exploration of their personal treasure trove, then a Fin-Fit Check-up is for you!

Fin-Fit Check-up:  Financial Fitness Check-up


During your Fin-Fit Check-up, you will benefit from 3 discussions: **

arrow_green What you know you know about your personal financial situation.
arrow_green What you know you don’t know about your financial status.
arrow_green What you don’t know you don’t know about personal finances.

As a result of your Fin-Fit Check-up, you will improve your

  • Hope for your financial future.
  • Personal financial situation by finding lost funds.
  • Clarity regarding the purpose of personal financial management.
  • Self-Confidence when discussing financial matters with your family.

** Please note: Your Fin-Fit Check-up will have a specially designed format based on your unique circumstances in order for you to achieve maximum benefit!

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