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Funmakers: a specialized crew of Peacemakers (Individual Memberships)

As an individual member, you are committed to our monthly meetings (virtual or live) around the world where we share how we are consistently folding more fun into our lives and the lives of others.

Access to our private Facebook Page for Individual Members only to build relationships with fun-minded people.

Twitter feed #funmakers = instant access to global conversations about brightening the spirits of all beings just for the fun of it!

Funmakers: a specialized crew of Peacemakers (Corporate Memberships)


As a corporate member, you join an elite gathering of global corporations and businesses that specialize in bringing the fun to the public domain for profit! Profit is not a dirty “P” word! You are providing an incredible service and now have the opportunity to coordinate around the world with other businesses with the same mission.

We will gather live or virtually each month to celebrate our latest successes or improve our latest concerns on an alternating basis.

Access to the private FB page for Corporate Members only.

Access to the Referral Merry-Go-Round that enables your fellow members from across the globe to send you business from their friends, family, & associates in your local area, simply because you are the best at what you do!

20% commission applies on all referrals. If business is referred between members outside the Merry-Go-Round, this is grounds for immediate dismissal from the group with no refunds.

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