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Four-letter Words

August 14th, 2018 | Comments Off on Four-letter Words

You know what these are!  Four-letter words are the dirty words!  These are the words that you whisper when you do not think that you should be saying them either because you are near people who should not be hearing them (e.g., young people) or because you are near people who may judge you for saying them (e.g., mature people).  Comic strip writers use symbols (e.g., $#*^!) to express the expletives used by their characters typically in moments of extreme discomfort (e.g., when they have stubbed their toe).  Others may use euphemisms (e.g., oh poo! sugar! dirt! ) to express our displeasure while we are in ear shot of other people (e.g., when a glass of water spills on us at a restaurant).  I am always keen to learn a broader range of “clean dirty words.”  Please post in the comments what some of your favourite euphemistic expletive words are (Only the euphemisms!  Any expletives will be deleted.).

There are times in our human (i.e., not comic strip character) lives when more than just displeasure, we also experience moments of extreme discomfort.  Some examples of extreme discomfort experienced by humans include being cutoff by another vehicle in traffic, being expected to deliver a speech to a large audience, and having to sell something to someone.  Please check your heart rate now.  For many people, the mere mention of these three scenarios strikes fear into our hearts, makes our blood pressure rise, and causes us to yell out not-so-nice words like, “*ell, no!”  In this case, however, the * does not replace the letter “H” — it replaces a letter that turns this typically devilish word into the deep, dark, dirty four-letter word S-E-L-L!   AHHHHHHHHHHH!

There is so much fear around selling.  Loral Langemeier, CEO & Founder of Live Out Loud, Inc, mentioned in one of her recent Real Money Talks that while many people say that public speaking is the #1 fear the people have, she believes that it is selling.  There are so many conflicting beliefs around selling!  So many images of used car salesmen come to mind who are willing to do whatever they can to get some run down old jalopy off their car lot and into the hands of some unsuspecting sap of a car buyer.

Just like how many feel on the steps up to a stage with a single podium, a single microphone, and a single spotlight waiting to shine upon them while they speak to a large audience, keeping this used car salesman picture in your mind as the definitive example of what you would be perceived as if you were to be out there selling something to somebody will surely turn your stomach into knots!  This is particularly tragic if you consider that the flip side of this image is that to “sell” is not a dirty four-letter word if you turn it into the radiant five-letter word to “serve.”  This concept is something that was first brought to my attention by Nancy Matthews, Co-Founder of the Women’s Prosperity Network.

How do you feel about the word to “SELL?”  Do you prefer to be the person selling or the one sold to?  Do you distinguish between telephone sales and door-to-door sales?  What is the worst sales experience you have ever had?  How did your experience epitomize *ell on Earth?   Please comment below, so we can get to the bottom of this dirty four-letter word.

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