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Get to Know the Founder, Juli A.H. Evans


For a long time, Juli struggled to determine how best she can help this world. (Perhaps you have pondered this same question for yourself?) She was blessed with a number of talents (Just like you!), and grows more and more dedicated every day to fulfilling her PURPOSE during her time on this earth (What is your purpose?).


To help as many people as she can in all the ways that she can for as long as she can.

Here’s how Juli has lived her purpose over the past few decades:

  • By caring about protecting people from diseases: in high school, Juli co-wrote, acted in, & directed the AIDS-educational play, Connections.
  • By caring about the water and making sure people are healthy & safe around the water: in high school, Juli swam with & managed the JV & Varsity Girls’ swim teams, and in university, became a certified lifeguard.
  • By caring about serving her community: in university, Juli became an A.P.E. (AIDS Peer Educator), and also volunteered on various projects (e.g., attending river clean ups, mentoring underprivileged youth, hosting retirement village parties) with G.I.V.E. (Gators Involved in Volunteer Endeavours).
  • By caring about international affairs & making sure that minority voices are heard: in university, Juli minored in Spanish & was the Assistant Director of the Multicultural Student Affairs Cabinet of Student Government.

  • By caring about financial management, Juli earned bachelors & master’s degrees in Accounting, specializing in Audit, and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • By caring about helping companies do the right thing for the financial market-at-large, helping companies look after the needs of their employees, and helping employees do the right thing for their companies: Juli worked as an auditor specializing in financial services for PricewaterhouseCoopersLLP (PwC) and was a key member of PwC’s Committee for Positive Change.
  • By caring about helping those in need during emergency situations: Juli volunteered as a Disaster Action Team (DAT) member & as the Treasurer of Infusion, the Young Professionals of the American Red Cross.
  • By caring about brightening her church community: Juli was a church choir soprano singer at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church.
  • By caring about educating youth about the environment: Juli was a Trip Leader with Sierra Club’s Inner City Outings (ICO).
  • By caring about expanding the lives of impoverished nations by sharing empowering business skills with its citizens: Juli was a professional volunteer and served in the United States Peace Corps (USPC) in Nicaragua as a Small Business Educator in a Masatepe high school, trained Nicaraguan teachers throughout the country, coordinated the Annual High School student business competition, and revised the Small Business Education manual.
  • By caring about the environment, forgotten children and elders: Juli and her husband hosted their Charitable Eco-Fun wedding where she wore scientifically engineered diamonds to ensure not purchasing conflict diamonds, planted over 200 trees, donated the silk flower arrangements from the wedding to a local hospital, donated a dozen stuffed bears to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s hospital, and donated over $3,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption & the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • By caring about celebrating many of the world’s cuisines and major religions: Juli and her husband chose to serve food from the USA, Asia, Mexico, Italy, and the Caribbean, and invited friends to share wedding blessings and traditions from Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam at their rehearsal dinner and wedding reception before and after their Christian wedding service.
  • By caring about improving the financial lives of students: Juli her dedicated her time as a university accounting professor for various online and on ground higher education institutions to sharing with students the power they hold over their lives by furthering their accounting comprehension in an enjoyable learning process.
  • By caring about multi-lingual and multi-national families: Juli launched MamaNeeto, a baby clothing company that manufactured bodysuits and tops that represented the national flags of the children and family.
  • By caring about enhancing business success: Juli launched Julismiles, Inc., a professional education company that provided business acumen trainings to small businesses & organizations in order to support owners, employees, and investors better communicate about their financial matters.

  • By caring about strengthening the relationships between & among generations (having experienced the loss of her father & grandmother): Juli assists families with their open-hearted conversations about final days’ preparations.
  • By caring about protecting & raising children to be self-sufficient, happy, & compassionate members of society (having become a mother): Juli supports mothers and mothers-to-be to love & care for themselves in the best way they know how.
  • By caring about supporting female entrepreneurs to be all they can be always: Juli has been a Lifetime Gold Member of the Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) Global, the President of The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) Coral Springs Chapter (Florida, USA), and the lead organizer of the Empowered Women in Business (EWB) Network (Melbourne, Australia).
  • By caring about spreading the story of Jesus’ life: Juli has taught Sunday School lessons to preschool aged children, lead the baby & toddler creche, sung with church bands, and welcomed members and visitors to Ormond Anglican Church.
  • By caring about helping the world: Juli launched SalesMoneyFun to help as many businesses and individuals help the world in all the ways they want to help the world.

All of these experiences have boiled down to one very important MISSION for you and all the people of this earth:

SalesMoneyFun’s MISSION:

To help small business owners serve more clients,

To help individuals manage more money, &

To help everyone have more fun!