Charities & Praise

Sales Money Fun was conceived in 2014 by a social entrepreneur who believes that businesses and people can do more than just make and keep their money.  Every day, individuals throughout the world are living without the help and support they need to thrive and enjoy their time on this planet.  Every day, charities throughout the world experience difficulties obtaining the funding they need to carry out their altruistic purposes.  Mindful of this, Juli designed Sales Money Fun to carryout Juli’s Personal Mission of “Helping all the people it can in all the ways that it can for as long as it can.”

Each year, Sales Money Fun supports three charities that responsibly provide direct assistance to people around the world wanting to grow and make a better life for themselves, their families, and their world.  This is the ripple effect in action.  By directly serving businesses, families, and individuals, Sales Money Fun and these charities improve global communities every day.

Juli is proud to announce that SalesMoneyFun’s 2018 Charity Partners are

Seven Women

Seven Women Nepal’s focus is on empowering marginalised Nepalese women through equipping them with the skills and the know how to thrive. Eleven years after her first encounter with the seven women that started it all, over 5,000 women have been educated, trained and employed transforming their lives and their communities.

Anglicare: Cradle to Kinder Program

Cradle to Kinder is an intensive ante- and post-natal support service which provides long-term intensive family and early parenting support for vulnerable young mothers and their children.

The Edge Foundation

Every child has the write to education, skills development, and love. That’s why EdGE partners will local organisations to establish educational programs.  EdGE educates and trains children and youth living on the “edge” of society  and in extreme poverty.